A message from the ICON Winter 2014 Writers' Workshop Project Coordinator:

I want to thank everyone responsible for making this happen:

  • Our instructors, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Laura Anne Gilman and Dr. Joan Digby, who came in and delivered a phenomenal experience.
  • Gotham Photo Company for providing the space to hold the Workshop, especially Vince Collura for making the arrangements and Jenni Long for helping us set up and staying with us the whole day.
  • The Workshop staff:
    • Heather and Vince, who researched and negotiated with prospective venues;
    • Bonnie, Jeanette and Carl, who contacted authors for availability and interest;
    • Carl yet again, who built and maintained the website and registration interface pretty much single-handedly;
    • Katrina and again Bonnie, who spread the word through both e-mail blasts and social networking;
    • Kim and Sean, who managed student registration, contacted all of the students when we needed to change venues, and then woke up at insane-o'clock in the morning to take the train into the city and sign everyone in;
    • Michael and Rivka, who got us the food that kept us going through the extra-long day;
    • Heather, Carl, and Michael all once more, for supporting both me and the Workshop at every wild and crazy turn.
  • ICON's Public Events Committee and Board of Directors, who took a chance on both me and the Workshop.
  • The staff of WeWork SoHo West, the shared space provider who operates 175 Varick Street, for their time, hospitality, and highly professional assistance, both getting into the space and set up, and throughout the day.
  • The instructors we contacted but did not end up not bringing in, for their interest and consideration; and we sincerely hope you're still interested for next time.
  • And most importantly, our students, who traveled from across Long Island and Connecticut to partake in our grand little experiment. It is for you that we do this. Without your interest and support, there would have been no Writers' Workshop, and there would be no ICON Science Fiction.

Click here to read the complete Thank You Letter from David Goldstein, our Project Coordinator, or read the course overview and instructor biographies to see exactly why you really need this course.

Remember, we have only a very limited number of spaces available for these events! To ensure that you will be able to attend, register as soon as the next one is announced!

We look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.