About the Writer's Workshop

Before television, movies, or even radio… In the dead of winter, there were few options for entertainment to pass the cold, dreary days. All over the world, people would fill that time telling stories.

We all have stories to tell. It's time to tell yours.

The ICON Writers' Workshop is a full-day hands-on learning experience for aspiring and inspiring authors of all genres of fiction, coached by professional authors and veteran educators. You will be engaged in six exercises designed to teach specific skills which will help you improve your writing, your ability to organize your writing, and your stories' potential to see publication.

For each exercise, your instructor will give you an overview of the nature and goal, some insight into their own methods, and advice on how to proceed. You will then have time to work, with the oversight and feedback of the instructor.

Each instructor brings a different background and different perspective. To give you the benefit of their wide and varied experiences, you will have a different instructor for each exercise.

Registration opens for sign-in at 8:00 am, with the opening keynote at 9:00. Each exercise is roughly one and a half hours, with a one-hour lunch. Coffee, water, lunch and snacks are included in your registration fee.

Come prepared to write or edit. We recommend you bring either a portable computer or a tablet with a real keyboard and a stand or dock to hold it upright.

Because of the need to schedule each student across the instructors, this event is Pre-Registration Only. We will not be accepting walk-ins.